Epakitin Supplement Vetoquinol for Dogs amp Cats 180g 7H0CQNTCGHON7492

Epakitin Supplement Vetoquinol for Dogs & Cats 180g. 7H0CQNTCGHON7492

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Nutritional supplement for cats and dogs to help slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease Great-tasting, easy-to-administer powder, just sprinkle over dry food or mix with a small amount of canned food Epakitin's active ingredient, chitosan, is a natural polysaccharide derived from shells of shrimp and crab. This ingredient naturally binds phosphorus, which limits the absorption of phosphorus from the intestines and that limitation helps pets with chronic kidney disease by slowing down damage caused by the disease Effective as a phosphate binder, decreasing serum phosphorus levels and has been shown to reduce urea and creatinine levels Administration can be lifelong and there are no reported side effects